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Obligatory Birthday Post- Taking Risks One at a Time.

Happy New Year Guys, well it’s a new year for me, and it feels so good to be able to write a blog post this year.

My laptop is filled with half-written posts because this year came with a lot of gbas gbos and I could hardly sit down to finish up a post. I had such grand plans at the beginning of the year, but as we speak, let’s just thank God for life.

It’s my birthday and my blog’s 2nd year anniversary, so I am here to show up against all odds.

I took a long hiatus from writing, and tbh I can’t say I am back yet, but it doesn’t feel right to let my birthday go by without a blog post; I mean, this is the day that Jesus gave to me.

Getting older is such a blessing (feels so good to say that out loud), so someday I would believe how much of a blessing it is. This year like many other years, I suffered from birthday depression even though my friend Tolu told me that it is not the real depression, that It is a mere absence of money (money-induced depression). But we move, tomorrow will definitely be better.

So I am here, thankful for life, and that my greatest fear has not come upon me.

Thankful for beauty because God was definitely showing off when He created me.

Grateful for help at the right time, and at the point of my need.

Thankful for my friends and a support system and people that make my birthday special (trying so hard to answer all my calls today)

Super grateful for my siblings, they annoy me a lot, but it’s such a great privilege to be a big sister to such a great army.

This year, I plunged myself into uncertainty and probably took the biggest risk of my life and career, everyone who knows me understands that I am such a couch potato. So this is quite huge for me.

Going to this year, I said to myself, No goals, No Promises and all.

I am just saying to myself, Amara welcome to your best and wisest years,

This year I asked for a word, and I thought it would come in a vision or a trance or a cool breeze. I felt like I wanted something deep and all, but as usual, God did not do things my way but He still manages to blow my mind.

As I watched the first episode of the new season of Abattoir on YouTube (which you guys should definitely get into). God gave me a word in Isaiah 60:1-3. So guys get ready, the light has come, and it will shine. God told me He’d be oshimiri atata to me,( the river that never runs dry).

Today, I am celebrating my maker and how well He takes care of me.

I was going to say no advice or call to action today, but today, I would love you all to type what you would have said at my funeral for me today, let me read, laugh and cry.

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