Life Update

Oversharing but remaining small gist for myself

This blog post is long overdue, I tried and failed to be mysterious, so the theme of this post is oversharing but remaining small gist for myself. A little bit of an enigma here and there.

In the past year, I moved to a new country, got a new job, and also a new relationship status.

The past few months I went through what I could call a mental breakdown, and ultimately, as the adult that I am, I had to pick myself up and move up, I understood the meaning of people saying that your life is your own because, honestly, in that moment, I just did not feel like participating in life.

On Body care and staying fit

I have added a lot of weight, and if you know me, nothing stresses me out like weight gain and tolerating the opinions of people who can’t keep quiet about it.

I have also added a lot of weight, but, just like I said, your life is your own, so I m working hard to lose some weight or even stay fit. Getting ready for the 30+ life
So, I have started working out again
How long will it stay?
Stay tuned for the next life update

On skincare and new Interests.

Less haircare, more skincare; I am literally obsessed with skincare. One of the perks of living in a country that gives you access to almost all kinds of cosmetic products. My skin needs have obviously changed, and I have to do more to keep my skin looking nice; I refuse to look like what I am going through.

I am into skincare a lot, and I don’t know if my skin really cares, but I am doing it all the same. I buy anything that catches my eye, with or without recommendations, and I like that I don’t buy clothes as much as I used to in Nigeria. Not only am I getting more into skincare, but I am also watching videos of dermatologists, aestheticians, and skin care influencers.

Yeah, I know I don’t need too much skincare, but then I want to buy it, let us call it retail therapy but in my retail therapy, I am still sticking to a strict budget, so don’t worry,

I have also managed to bully some of my friends and relatives into join the skin care gang. they are resisting, but I am never giving up. A little unsolicited skin care advice here and there.

On Fashion and Styling and Settling Down

It is summer here, and I have forgotten how to dress down. The weather is also bipolar, which means I can’t even let my guard down. I have to go out with a jacket to avoid had I known.

I’m still trying to find my personal style. Some days I look good, other days, I look confused as hell, it does not help that the weather is playing tricks with my brain

Since I moved countries, and to be honest, I have neither been here nor there,

I paid more bills than I ever thought possible in my adult life, but I can’t complain; I am constantly grateful to God for provision.

I read someone that said I need about two years to settle down in a new country so I have decided to cut myself some slack.

Getting a church was not easy. I joined the online church in Nigeria for the longest time, and I still do, but I have found a church I really like, and for now, I am happy because I tried other churches and it did not feel like home, so I am taking one day at a time,

On Friendships and companionship

Apparently, I suck at making new friends, so you can tell that I am mainly lonely, but I have learnt that being alone is fine; I actually enjoy being alone, and when I am with others, I begin to miss my solitude.

My best friend in this city is finishing his PhD and moving to a whole new city, and I miss him already; he was such a good vibe that understood being away from me and calling to check up on me. Such a great guy

I went back to school after 5 years, and I can’t even lie; I feel like I am doing adult education. My supervisors are so amazing, and I am still shocked that I am being supervised by three sweet women in these past months, we have cried, laughed, talked about annoying men, and discussed how to make the lives of women better, which is the focus of my PhD. If you know me, you know that that is what I want to dedicate my entire life to doing.

I am enjoying my Ph.D. more than I thought I would. I had a mental health crisis this first half of the year, but I kept reminding myself that I can do hard things, and that is the energy for this new phase of my life.

My supervisors have been urging me to take some weeks off work, so maybe I will get into content creation, more writing, more videos and pictures and try to read the books (fiction) that I bought in the past months.

My new blog was hacked, and I was too stressed to even write anything, I had to push myself to write this because I promised myself that my goals are reachable, and all I have to do is push myself more. So this is me pushing myself and trying to be the best that I can

I am learning to be kind to myself and also push myself too. I took up a couple of roles and activities that made me showcase my skills. My piece of writing also got published in a popular newspaper, and I am very proud of myself.

I feel like I have a lot to share, but then I remember my mantra at the beginning of this post: oversharing but remaining small gist for myself.

So, how have you all been?

I should write more and put myself out more

Welcome to this new website. I hope you find it enjoyable.

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