My First Summer. What do people love about the summer?

The right question should be what do I not love about the summer?
Comfortable clothing, lighter clothing, the feel of the sun on my body—who would have thought that I would love the sun?

As one who gets cold easily, I hate to try myself, so in the slightest change in the weather or an indication of rain or cold weather, I am dressed to the Ts, no maybes or had I known, I live in a very cold city, and I don’t like to take chances. So you can imagine my excitement when the weather started getting hot; the best part about this for me in summer is the heat, and to be honest, no matter how hot the sun is, I made a point of duty not to complain, I mean, who does not enjoy and take advantage of the opportunity to dress down?

My skincare works well, and my skin is literally glowing, as you can see. I do a lot more outdoor running and exercise, and my body feels so rejuvenated.

Longer days and shorter nights make me giddy. Who would not love it? Not me

All I need is to rub a generous amount of sunscreen, and that is my favourite step in my daytime skincare routine.

I am just writing to say that the winter makes me appreciate the summer more, and trust me, there are no complaints on this side.

I still look forward to fall and winter because I lowkey love winter fashion.
But in the meantime, I am excited because I feel lighter. I took some time off work and school because I needed to be outside sunbathing with the girlies.

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