The kindness of strangers: Strangers who came through

For strangers who took me up when stranded

My experiences in life have made me grateful for help in unlikely places, I see myself as blessed and I walk into any place knowing that favour surrounds me like a shield.

My University Experience

My adult life has been a testament to the fact that God’s hands are not restricted to familiar people. I grew up pretty fast when I moved to Ibadan for my university degree, unlike many of my colleagues, I came alone with no parent or guardian when I moved to the university, having lived a shielded life in Lagos.

When I came for my clearance as a new student, I was slightly delayed and I had nowhere to spend the night. My cousin had travelled for the holiday and it was getting dark, I went to the chapel and a guy walked up to me and offered to find a place for me to sleep, the place was his house famm I was so scared.

I slept all night with my jeans on while my mum held a marathon prayer session so that the boy does not become sexually aroused by me, in her words I prayed that he doesn’t get an erection and he sees you as his sister. I could not sleep but after staying awake for a long time I slept briefly and God took the glory, when I woke up, nothing missing, nothing broken not even a strand of hair on my head was touched. I could not repay him but I am sure God doesn’t let a kind act go unrewarded. Tosin God bless you wherever you are.

The second person is Vivian, I met her when I visited the school for a compulsory registration school and I was delayed due to some issues. She went on to be a total sweetheart to me all through my stay in the university. I met her at Queens Hall spoke to her and offered to take care of me during my stay in Ibadan before I resumed in year 1. She took me to an apartment that shared with her friends and she fed me with one of the best spaghetti I have ever had to date, spaghetti is a fave for me and I was so touched by this gesture.

Apostle Sam in Uni is someone I would never forget he exposed me to a level of kindness that I would never be able to forget, all through my stay at the University of Ibadan.

Thankful for Dr. Jocelyn and his family who literally took care of me in Ibadan. He saw my name on the dean’s honours list and he volunteered to be my school father. He wrote me my first CV in 100l and pushed me to reach for the stars every single time. After my final exams, he and his wife threw a mini party for me, I would never forget their kindness.

Not forgetting the friends that allowed God to use them to accommodate me and have now become family, Victor and Kenneth and his family have been so amazing to me, I am so thankful for them

And Christy who literally did all the big sister stuff for me, from being my wardrobe stylist to dragging me to the salon to make my hair or even attempting a makeover for my face and for showing up and showing out for me, I am such an unbothered queen when it comes to feminine slay but God put her in my life to help me get my acts together.


I remember my NYSC year fondly, it will forever be a memorial for me, each time I feel scared and helpless. Strangers met my needs and resources I didn’t even know I needed were delivered at my doorstep. Each time this happens to me I look up and say, God, that was you. Lastly, for the gift of humans, I am so thankful.

I met a stranger in the cab that took me to Ilorin for my NYSC and this man took it upon himself to fend for me, feed me and connect me to helpful people all through my service year, he legit was my NYSC connect and every once in a while he and his wife reach out to ask about my career and marriage plans.

Navigating this Adulthood Journey

Even in a foreign country the amount of help he brought my way was overwhelming. From connecting me to an old high school friend who I haven’t seen for over 15 years I met to linking me up with distant friends to help me adjust well.

I live in one of the scariest and congested cities in Lagos and the way God sends me free rides is unexplainable, both terrifying and surprising and I am grateful for it.

Too many stories to share, but I would love to hear your experiences. Have you ever had strangers come through for you?

Do you think it was sheer luck or that was God coming through for you?

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