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So you Think You are A late Bloomer?

I randomly get blog ideas in the public bus, in the marketplace while gisting with my friends, or in solitude when I am enjoying my own company. This blog post inspiration came on my way home after a bad day at work.

This blog post came after an annoying encounter with my line manager at my first job. I shared the lessons from my first job on the blog please check it out, I dropped gems. This man dragged me by my wig because of a mild mistake, he told me how he was 21 when he joined the organisation, so why should an old woman/late bloomer like Jules make mistakes. I cried oo, but I took the lessons and let go of the pain.

You see, over the years, I used to think of myself as an early bloomer. Although life threw me some very bitter lemons at certain points in my early teens, and I didn’t even know how to make lemonades- so guys there was no lemonade made. One thing I ensured to do was making progress, one that I would call fast progress, Christians will refer to this as God Speed. At 24, I already had a master’s degree from a Nigerian university, having graduated at the top 3% of my class in both first and second degree.

I got a fully-funded opportunity to travel to Paris. This was a great feat if you ask me and other Nigerians, who would have thought that I would see myself as a late bloomer, but shit happens guys, just the way bad things can happen to good people.

Maybe I might be a late bloomer, grew boobs quite later than my friends and I was often teased for it (forgive my digression). Whether you are an early bloomer or a late one, btw who even defines a late bloomer, the most important thing is that you bloom where ever you are planted.

I am learning this every day, and I urge you to be kind to yourself, continually look out for yourself. This goes beyond popular self-care things and chop life; it entails leaving those things and people that cause you anxiety and continually put you under pressure. At some point, I blocked a very dear family member for a while, and I am quick to mute and delete.

Sometimes we focus on the things that are not working well for us while missing out on the progress we have made. This was me in my weight loss journey, I was focusing on my waistline forgetting the fact that I had lost a whole 7kg.

Often when I tend to get carried away, this Igbo proverb helps me out ngbe onye tetara bu ututu ya translated as whenever one wakes up is the person’s morning/daytime. Lastly, no one is the timekeeper just you and your chi….

Lastly, it’s that time of the year when people take stock, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is not one of those perspire to aspire and acquire kind of post. It’s a message to me and you, show yourself some love, you are alive that is the most important thing.

I hope this spoke to you the way It did to me.

Sending you love and light in this period.

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