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Maintaining Boundaries and Living life on your own terms

It’s the last day of this amazing year, and what a ride it has been, I almost did not put up any end of the year post but I would love to make future reference to this point in my life. I am a very accommodating person, and I try to be tolerant, but with this trait comes with a lot of bullshit people and bullshit demands, tough yeah?

Does this imply that you do not care about others and how your actions affect them? well not exactly, it just implies putting yourself first and teaching others how to treat you the way you want to be treated.

For a long time, I wanted to be the good person in everyone’s story but I have observed that many relationships in my life thrive on me not having clear boundaries, taking nonsense from people in a bid to avoid confrontations, maybe it stems from the fact that as a first daughter, I tried to be good at school, be good to everyone and basically keep the peace so I don’t spoil relationships even when they have become dead weights. Trying to juggle all these with no clear boundaries, hmm life was tough.

So in 2022, my major advice to you is to enforce boundaries, no matter whose ox is gored, because you matter more than any other person and a major aspect of self-care comes with setting clear boundaries because takers have no limits so givers should learn to have limits.

Cheers to saying NO, without much explanation, and not making the emergency of others my own emergency.

Happy New year in advance

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