26 random facts about me.

I am super excited that I am finally doing this. I started putting down this idea in my diary as a potential blog post in 2017. I have been waiting for the perfect time to put it out in the open, but in the new decade, we are coming out of our shells, yea, and Amen.

I don’t understand the concept of this pose but okay.
So, lets jump right into knowing me a little more

1) I am very big on creating lists (that’s a random fact about me too), so I thought to share a long list of 30 random facts about me

2) I initially wanted to study economics but I ended up with sociology and I am still wondering how I would have survived in the field of economics.

3) In as much as the toilet is clean, I can eat and drink while seating on the toilet seat, please don’t judge me I won’t judge you either.

sitting on the ground and striking poses seem to make sense in an art gallery
4) I aspired to be T.V presenter or a newscaster when I was younger and I wanted to study English language, but my father banished the thoughts from my head.

5) I love long walks and strolls, in other words, I loved to trek, in as much as the weather is good, your girl can trek to the ends of the earth.

6) I love Shonda Rhimes I think every script she writes is bliss, from grey’s anatomy to scandal back to how to get away with murder.

7) I was born on a Sunday and I have always dreamt of having my first child on Sunday.

My look when my friends try to ask if I want a mermaid dress or a ball dress, please can we boycott weddings
8) I don’t have a dream wedding, wedding dress, or theme, I just know that a destination wedding is my portion as for the other details, I am clueless I just have a dream honeymoon vacation.

9) I love bike rides, hates long car rides, the petrol ish, even though I feel like I have overcome it but it’s still a struggle, Nigerians can relate.

10) I legit have about ten black pants, and yes I am kinda obsessed with colour black, I go for not so loud colors, even as a girl, I am not a huge fan of bright colors.

11) I am such a sucker for fashion items such as clothes and shoes, I don’t covet bags and pieces of jewelry, I really cannot be bothered, blame it on my mother.

My expression when I have to go grocery shopping or else I’m die.
12) I hate going to shop for food items and I take cooking as the most difficult chore, I’d rather wash plates, wash the entire house, wash the walls, than cook up a storm.

13) I am obsessed with touching my hair when I am bored or I am deep in thought I touch my hair.

14) I am not an emotional person but I can be very teary without feeling any form of emotions, how is that even possible.

15) I am such a homebody body, but each time you see me outdoors; I am always very excited.

16) I am very chatty and mehn, I can carry on a very good conversation with almost anyone unless you are being a nuisance in which case, I will disappear from your life forever.

When My friends notice that I have legs for days.
17) My best assets will be my legs and maybe my memory too. You see, I have really great legs, yes I just said that I am also very great at remembering times, seasons, and dates, don’t even try me o.

18) My superpower has got to be the ability to sleep through a storm, I can sleep inside a pool of water, I once slept through a car accident but once I wake up I don’t boot, I dive straight into action.

19) I love blockbusters I even find myself analyzing these movies even after I watch them, I sometimes dream about fast and furious.

20) When I was little, I loved to climb trees, I am not scared of heights at all.

21) I used to be a very good footballer and I practiced boxing with my elder brother and our male neighbours friends until I was forced into early retirement by my mum who could not imagine her Ada behaving like a thug.

22) I can’t ride a bicycle the thing scares the shit out of me.

23) I am terrified of swings I don’t even know why, I don’t think it’s fun by the way.

24)I hate confrontations even though I seem to be always ready, I lowkey hate it

25) At the top of my bucket list is traveling to Singapore especially after watching and reading the trilogy of crazy rich Asians.

26) I hate being uninformed, misinformed, or clueless, hence I am always on google in search of information in form of news, gossip, and all.

I spend about 18 hours a day on the computer I find it hard to enjoy a full day without using the internet or a computer.

Now it’s your turn, tell me one random fact about you.

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