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Researcher | Creative Writer | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Fashion Girl

Two phrases perfectly describe my personality: Constantly evolving and Extremely Curious.

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about me

Having two degrees in sociology prepared me for a career in social research.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creative Writer

Fashion Girl

Over the years, I have worked as a banker, a research assistant and in the Training centre of an international organisation.
I am constantly evolving, and writing and reading are my current hobbies; I might fall in love with travelling and teaching tomorrow. Trust me to document all these experiences here like a personal diary.

This space is a melting pot of my diverse interests and my personal views of life. I love to write about my life and all the exciting things that I observe in everyday human interactions, including lessons to pick from happenings around me.
I am currently a PhD researcher, which means I spend a good amount of my time doing research work,
As a social researcher, I am biased towards research on women’s health and gender and diversity in the workplace.

I love women, and I love to write about women, and I am always inspired by women doing extraordinary things all over the world, little wonder my research is focused on women in the workplace.
When not doing academic research, I love to indulge myself by researching fashion trends in various parts of the world. Visiting and living in Paris for an exchange programme changed my life and created a new love for fashion and fashion trends. I am inspired by the power that fashion wields over individuals and groups, and I help curate unique outfits for those needing my expertise.

I enjoy reading African literature as it touches on critical issues within Africa while telling an unfiltered story of the continent.
I’m open to new opportunities and available for a chat.

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My superpowers are research analysis, creative writing, and critical thinking

I enjoy reading African literature as it touches on critical issues within Africa while telling an unfiltered story of the continent.

research analysis

creative writing

critical thinking

creative content

Sept 2021

Be kind to Yourself

Randomly remembering when I interviewed for the role of a writer as an undergraduate in a media company a few years back during one of the numerous ASUU strikes and the MD asked me what happens to the work when you have a writers’ block?

Nov 2022

So Much Ado about being Self Made.

I was scrolling through TwitterNG one of those lazy days, and I saw a Gen Z YouTuber claiming she worked her way to the top and has no mentor because no one paved the way for her in that industry. You already know how things end on Twitter, a lot of back and forths and debates.