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Researcher | Creative Writer | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Fashion Girl

Researcher, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Creative Writer Fashion Girl

Two phrases perfectly describe my personality: Constantly evolving and Extremely Curious.

Having two degrees in sociology prepared me for a career in social research.
Over the years, I have worked as a banker, a research assistant and in the Training centre of an international organisation.
I am constantly evolving, and writing and reading are my current hobbies; I might fall in love with travelling and teaching tomorrow. Trust me to document all these experiences here like a personal diary.

This space is a melting pot of my diverse interests and my personal views of life. I love to write about my life and all the exciting things that I observe in everyday human interactions, including lessons to pick from happenings around me.
I am currently a PhD researcher, which means I spend a good amount of my time doing research work,
As a social researcher, I am biased towards research on women’s health and gender and diversity in the workplace.

I love women, and I love to write about women, and I am always inspired by women doing extraordinary things all over the world, little wonder my research is focused on women in the workplace.
When not doing academic research, I love to indulge myself by researching fashion trends in various parts of the world. Visiting and living in Paris for an exchange programme changed my life and created a new love for fashion and fashion trends. I am inspired by the power that fashion wields over individuals and groups, and I help curate unique outfits for those needing my expertise.

I enjoy reading African literature as it touches on critical issues within Africa while telling an unfiltered story of the continent.
I’m open to new opportunities and available for a chat.

juliet Nwafor

Researcher | Creative Writer | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Fashion Girl

 My superpowers are research analysis, creative writing, and critical thinking.

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