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2023 -Taking Stock

I remember entering the new year on my train from London. I said a quiet prayer and committed the new year to the Lord.

I spent the beginning of the new year in a frantic house search, and if you live in my city, you know we have a housing crisis, and it is even worse for students with no source of income.

I remember the feeling of disappointment going from house to house all around the city in search of an apartment in the new year. You see, I was so desperate; no apartment was too expensive for me, and I was willing to pay the price; I just needed a roof over my head.

I am grateful to the kind man who offered to be my referee even though he barely knew me at all; based on my country of origin, he gave me his details and became my referee.

This year, I took a chance on myself, applied for a lot of opportunities, and got the famous “unfortunately” emails, but some unprecedented opportunities also came my way, and I am forever grateful.

I did a few travelling here and there, nothing too serious, and I spent more time exploring my city and cities close to me.

Women work

You know when you are passionate about something, and God provides ways for you to contribute your quota to your passion. Yeah, that happened to me. This year, I got the opportunity to explore my interest with a focus on women in the workplace. I worked with amazing colleagues to organise workshops and symposiums, which were quite challenging but worth every time I spent.

Someone offered me a job based on my blog posts.  A blog that, at the time I got the job offer, I had lost because it was hacked.

It was such a morale boost, a humbling and a very proud moment for me all at the same time.

I had a couple of papers published, which I actively participated in, which is such a big deal for a budding academic.

I made big girl purchases in terms of gadgets and skincare, but I also managed my spending a lot better this year.

My skin really glowed this year because I really took time to earn and work on my skin.

I gave more, and I got more because you reap what you sow, literally.

I tried to be there for someone I found that I loved dearly, and it made me feel so good.

I lost friends, no friends this year—which is quite unlike me; it is safe to say that the ones I lost stayed lost, which is neither good nor bad, but it is life.

I stretched myself, wrote and passed a difficult exam while working on my research and my part-time job.

This year, we focus on saving and investing and curtailing spending as adulthood creeps in. We also go harder in terms of keeping fit, being more focused, and maybe doing YouTube. I am taking this skincare thing very seriously, and I want to dispense all the knowledge I gathered over the past few years.

I pray this is a blessed and fulfilling one for all of us

Happy New Year!

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