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The Same God is Rich Towards us All

I was having a conversation with my younger sister. We were talking about a post on my WhatsApp where someone asked if we sometimes feel that God is partial because you’d literally be begging for one opportunity while another person is spoilt for choice. You just need one; then you start asking yourself if you are the stepchild of God and why has God not answered your prayers or if God even care about you.

I am writing this because I can relate, and I have been there. Last Sunday in church, I am reminded again about a time in my life. As an undergraduate, one of my roommates prayed loudly, and while we all prayed in our corners, she would wake up at midnight and even in the early hours of the morning, and her prayers were always so loud and coherent. I found myself trying to match her voice because I must not carry last; God has to answer my prayers too.

As a young Christian, I really did think that God will answer my prayers first or at least He won’t pass me by because my voice is louder and more convincing.

Thank God for His grace because, over the years, God has helped me grow and understand that our walk with God is different, and He can relate to you at whatever stage you are in your walk with Him. He also relates to us based on our needs because He knows us so well. While He might be a comforter to me and be a provider to another, my point is that He meets us all at the point of our needs, and these needs differ from one person to another per time. You can’t compete for His presence He is the Omni present God.

I feel confident about saying this right now. Still, it took a long time for me to come to this realisation where I can beat my chest and say God loves me too and I am a special child too and even though I am wondering why I am not as rich as Jeff Bezos, my heart is still at peace because God is still my father, and He is a good good father.

God does not discriminate, and the same God is rich towards us all.

Happy New Year, Good People.

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