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Women should share their stories more often

These days I hate coming to social media every day and seeing how they reduced the job of women to just cooking, and this hurts me so much because we don’t blow our trumpet enough.

Anytime my friends want to share something about their success, and they ask me if it is such a good idea, my answer is always yes; many people need your light to motivate and encourage them, so why not? While I appreciate the men that share their stories but there are so many things that I can’t learn from a man that does not have my body because, unfortunately, I might not be able to relate to these stories. Many women like me do not enjoy male privilege, and it has been a man’s world for as long as I can remember.

So this is me calling out to me and all the women across the globe not to allow themselves and their achievements to be erased. You have been humble enough; it is high time that you gave yourself permission to show and tell the world how awesome you are.
You deserve a seat at the table and all the recognition that comes with it. So please tell your stories yourself.

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