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International Migration, To Leave or Stay?

The issue of migration, especially international migration is one area of research that interests me a lot. A touch of diaspora talk here and there and you are sure to find me, coupled with the fact that I engage in a lot of research on
international trade and related stuff in my current place of work.

This post stemmed from this tweet below, and the follow up conversation with my one of my friends.

Anywhere two or more youths are gathered in Nigeria, a discussion of migration must definitely ensue.

Anyone that knows me would attest to the fact that I believe that my children deserve better in terms of healthcare system and access to the finer things of life. While I am not desperate to leave the country, migration constantly lingers in my thoughts, in fact this crisis may have succeeded in moving it high up in my priority list, it ranks high on my scale of preference. As I type this post, it is number two on my prayer request to my heavenly father.

In times like this, I think of the risk my siblings face as health workers in Nigeria and how the health hazard allowance is non existent, making fasting, prayers and continuous declaration of psalms 91, 23 and 59 our final and only resort.

I have heard words from friends and acquaintances like if i had your brains I would not be in this country -well I am still in this country and you don’t have my brains so here we are guys, dissatisfied.

While having a light conversation with my friend on one of Zukerberg’s app, as common among youths in Nigeria we talked about migration and the jaapa procedures so far. To be honest the conditions of living in Nigeria is not actually the best, its the real ghetto guys, but wetin man go do ?

We talked about the opportunities that may or may not abound in Western Europe and America, and we also touched on racism and all the struggles that people of colour face. Going through each day and living the rest of our lives chanting ‘black lives matter’. Don’t get me wrong its is painful, it is heart breaking, scratch that it tugs at the very core of my existence when I read and watch the news and movies that pertain to indiscriminate killings and incarceration of black people. I ask myself; are all men equal or are some more equal than others.

At the end of the discussion, we reached a consensus which I must say is a rare occurrence (we hardly agree on an issue) that we would migrate through legal procedures as soon as it is possible, but there is still no place like home, bearing in mind that it sounds cliche I know, but I have had the taste of two worlds. The only reason why you would leave place with a great structure and a system that works, for a place where everything seems to be suffering from severe paralysis is this same saying, no place like home.

We all want a system that works and all,but Nigeria is still the only place we can call our home,under the sun or in the rain. Tell me what you think, is there truly no place like home or is that phrase is just a lie,or are you like my brother who says that home is where you have peace of mind.



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