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You are Constantly evolving

This year I finally start to prepare for how my late 20s will be and I am celebrating my blog’s first year anniversary. To be honest, I am not as devoted to this blog as I ought to be the notion that because my 9-5 entails writing, blogging will not be that hard is such a big lie. I also thought blogging will be super easy for me because I am basically sharing about myself and my experiences, not some philosophical stuff, but boy at some point I felt overwhelmed I learnt that one cannot even write coherently if you are not in the right state of mind. So in this first year of blogging, I have learnt a lot which I shall share in the days ahead when I finally hack this thing. 

I am constantly Evolving is a phrase I used to describe myself in all my bios on social media because that was my truth. I like to think that I am extremely curious, and my interests evolved; that doesn’t mean I am not a committed, dedicated, or focused person maybe I am not sef, but that is not the koko of my post.

The thing is to allow yourself to evolve and grow. When I was going to start my blog last year, my good friend John who was also my blog designer kept on asking me what is your niche? What will you be writing about, and so on and so forth? Tbh, I didn’t want him to think I was unserious because John is one of the most consistent men I know, this man works very hard and stayed true to the course but that may not be me and many of us. But the truth is that I was not sure of my niche. I just had various ideas of what I wanted to write.

I remember when I was in Paris, I toyed around the idea of being a creative fashion blogger or YouTuber. Guys every day on the street of Paris is like a fashion show for me because I loved to observe people and their fashion styles whether on the streets or on the train and at school. It helped that I went to an elitist school where I saw various kinds of styles, from the alte to the conservative French and all. I thought I was finally ready to freelance and see how far it goes but seeing that I am not a trust fund baby, I killed that idea.

But at some point I thought lecturing was my calling, especially after my brief stint in lecturing during NYSC, other days I just want to be a copywriter, but in all, I am allowing myself to evolve, accepting the fact that many things interest me but being bold enough to back away from things that no longer serve me and trying out new things. It is my birthday and my prayer is not to die with any of my gifts and to touch lives and allow the world to feel my presence in the multiple ways I can express myself.

Sometimes I ask myself what if I didn’t graduate with a first-class? will I be open to doing everything my heart draws me to, will I decide to go for a master’s or run away totally from academia. I am thinking of a new topic titled …is first class honours a trap, because it makes one seem like you are destined for greatness, you have to make a distinction in masters, you have to excel in your studies, you are not allowed to make any mistake. Meanwhile, you haven’t quite figured things out.

I am thankful for this past year because I got to see myself in multiple dimensions should I call myself a multipotentialite, well I am not quite sure of that. However, I am grateful that a major mantra that has guided my path is the fact that I am constantly evolving.

My dreams, plans and my way of life is not stagnant, I may want to be this today and, tomorrow I want to be that. The most important thing is progress and the fact that I get clarity as I go on this path. Clarity comes with taking steps, it comes with taking actions and moving forward at the same, so here I am saying cheers to evolving constantly and hitting my goals one day at a time.

This post is not as coherent as I wanted it to turn out, but at the end of the day, we must learn that the journey to self-awareness is constantly evolving. It is not a one-way street, at least, it is one of the things the 2020 lockdown taught me.

I hope that you give yourself grace when things don’t go as you plan and open your heart to doing new things while discarding things that no longer serve you in your journey of self-discovery and purpose.

Happy New Month everyone, welcome to my favourite month of the year.

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