Things I Did in the Past Decade that Improved the Quality of My Life

Being okay with cutting off friends and letting go of friendships that have exhausted its life span, this is my first point because it is the hardest of them all and I really struggled to make peace with letting go in my early 20s, now |I am grateful for the growth and opening of new friendships

knowing my place in people’s life and not exaggerating my importance, tough call as a first daughter, as an Ada, I am used to being important and being needed, I am there advising, pushing It has its advantages, but the disadvantages are numerous, so I learnt to sit back, relax and let things play out

It looks like I have to make reference to my place as the first daughter again, but I was in such bondage, and I focused on putting others and their needs first and still expecting them to come through when I needed them; I definitely set myself up for failure. So in these days, I put myself first, not my family or my friends, but me, myself and I . The goal is not to feel guilty about choosing myself of course, I am still a work in progress
disobeying my parents

I come from a family of music heads, and when I tell you that I loved him, you will not believe how deep, I was so hurt when they say his show flopped or when they are dragging him on social media, thankfully I am not shameless, so I can stan in private with no [public display of affection, but this year, I took the blood step of Unstanning Davido and you need to see the joy in my heart when he is being dragged, like yes, drag her frog voiced man for me

I am such a clique kind of girl, and for every stage of my life, I am always in a clique, I am genuinely unbothered about others because my clique was enough; I had a clique in my mid and late-twenties, which makes sense because I was still figuring life out, but as a grown woman, I knew that it was best to move on because it felt like the friendship was forced, so a good thing I did
Letting go of the friends I met in my teens with no hard feelings, okay, some hard feelings

Learning to care for my skin, makeup, and filters for what I don’t know, my skin is now flawless, and I am grateful to God and to my insatiable search for knowledge (I wish I was this serious about my life and career goals). In conclusion, please take care of your skin. I can’t assure you that your skin will care, but at least do your part.

I can be an exercise girly; as one who has always been a slim girly, covid 19 showed me that I can also be a fat and big-bellied girl too, so I tried to get into exercise and to be honest; my body loves to work out even though I can be such a lazy babe,

I have not always been an acne-prone girlie, but I often have this tiny rash on my forehead. The past decade has seen me wage war against pimples, and to the glory of God,I am pimple-free, even on my periods. My skin stays smooth because I decided to put in the work.

Another thing that improved the quality of my life this past decade was taking Women supporting women more seriously, you know, like a religion, a doctrine that you live by and guides your steps. I am committed to supporting women, being partial to women, and I will continue to preach that women need to learn self-preservation.

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